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My Happy World


Vijaya Nadella


‘We are humans first then anything next’ is my concept of life. I don’t look up at anyone and look down at anyone.  I always wonder, why no one stopped Hitler and if a person like Hitler would repeat in the present or future?

I hold MBA in Finance. I work in New York as a Financial Systems Manager by profession. By passion, I like to promote equality, yoga, meditation, cancer awareness and drug awareness. Ethos of rape culture bothers me the most.

I dream of a world where no one is left behind. Everyone should be entitled for basic privileges. Can this dream ever come true?

I am a
My Happiness

I feel happy if I help, inspire and empower others. If I have given a chance to be serious or silly, I will be seriously silly.

My Service Activities

Yoga voluteering, Cancer awareness walks, marathons and fund raising, Drug awareness about opiated deaths. I constly think about how rape culture can be eradicated completely.

May I Help You!

I want to a influential writer. Write on societal issues, political issues, self awareness, cancer awareness and drug awareness.

My Great Idea

Being human is not a limitation. Human is a huge possibility. Human can be Humangous if innerself is explored and put it into the right channel.

My Future Plans

I want to be a successfull entreprenuer (both social and profitable entreprenuership). I want to spread the goodness of Yoga and Meditation until the last breath. They are the tools of ultimate human living.

I am here for

Connecting / getting back in touch with friends / colleagues / relatives, Serving the society / Make a difference / Develop my NGO, Sharing and discussing ideas that matter, Showcasing my work / talents, Developing my business

Blood Group



Financial Systems Manager, ERP, Businss Analysis, Business Intelligence, SDLC, Requirements Analysis, Business Process, Project Management, Financial Reporting, BusinessProcess Improvement


MBA (Finance)



Hiking, Biking, Yoga, Gardening, Fashion, Writing, Ocassionally Partying

Games / Sports

Not very athletic. Indoor Board games only

Favorite Books

Life Ahead by Jiddu Krishna Murthy

The Secret of Work by Swami Vivekananda

Mystic Musins by Jaggi Vasudev


Favorite Quotes

We are humans first then anyting next –Vijaya Nadella

Political Views

It is impossible to be honest and be in politics

Religion / Religious views

Religion is a support system for life like the slippers for the feet. Without religion it is like walking with bear feet


Telugu, Hindi and English

Favorite Music

I fall for any kind of music

Favorite Movies

Maya Bazaar, Guns of Navarone, Gladiator

Favorite TV shows

Yo Jo Hai Zindagi, Friends




Relationship Status




LinkedIn Profile

I don't have


United States


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