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My Happy World


Spandana Meda


I’m fun loving, free spirited yet bound to family with responsibilities. I believe in duality of life and universe, hence, always thriving to balance the contradictory terms of life. I love books as much as i love dancing. I celebrate the festive crowds yet find peace watching the sunset somewhere alone. I follow religion as a way of life yet my decisions are rationally made.
Currently in the process of re-discovering myself and broadening my horizons. I travel, write, meet people, discover places and read. I was an Interior designer by profession  and a project in Wayanad has inspired me to work with waste. I’m  also a Permaculture enthusiast.

I am a
My Happiness

Its tough to express this in words. Its been different things at different times. Anything that I’m able to celebrate, live in the moment, Love and be loved gives happiness to me.
Time out with friends, sometimes camping, sometimes partying, and sometimes exploring a new path on my own. Sometimes, I find it in the smile of a kid, warm sun on my skin, a flower smiling at me and sometimes in good company or dancing to the terrible music in a pub
Everyday its a different and sometimes same reason to celebrate this earth and this life

My Service Activities

I volunteer with a few NGOs whenever i find time


May I Help You!

Still figuring this out

My Great Idea

Creating food forests in whatever little land that is available
Connecting people with networks that could help each other

I am here for

Sharing and discussing ideas that matter, Showcasing my work / talents, Mentoring / Sharing my knowledge / skills / experience / expertise, Learning new skills / talents / knowledge

Blood Group



Worked as Interior designer with few architects and then freelancing

Intern in Permaculture


B.Sc Homescience



I naturally get attracted to history, architecture and nature
I enjoy watching sunset and sunrise as well as bask in full moons
My adventurous spirit takes me to lots of jungles and mountains. I’m yet to try adventure sports.
I love meeting people and listen to their stories.
Though cars are comforting, bikes are challenging
World is Plethora of surprises n i wish to experience as much as i can.

Games / Sports

None right now

Favorite Books

The Secret Garden
The secret

Kane and Abel

The witch of Portobello

The Fountainhead


Political Views


Religion / Religious views

Still figuring out



Favorite Music

I love music of any kind. whatever makes me tap my toes or close my eyes and flow into it is good enough. Classic Rock,Reggae, Hip hop to Dubstep, Psychedilic trance, EDM doesnt matter.

Favorite Movies

Movies – I can sit forever and watch movies until its a movie that gives u adrenaline rush to run out ?
any story with an intriguing plot, reality cinema is my present favorite.




Relationship Status







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