Home Business Top Ten Business Innovation Posts Of The Week [July 21, 2014]

Top Ten Business Innovation Posts Of The Week [July 21, 2014]

Top Ten Business Innovation Posts Of The Week [July 21, 2014]
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6 Takeaways From The World Cup
By Hernan Marino, @HCMarino

For the past three weeks, most of us have joined hundreds of millions of people worldwide in watching the FIFA World Cup football matches in Brazil. This World Cup has produced many incredibly well-played matches that were decided in the final minutes or extra time. At the same time, each match taught us all a lesson (or six) about leadership and business.

No More Tinkering How Reinventing The Oven Is Like Reinventing The Grid
By Christine Hertzog, @SmartGridLib

Evolution or revolution? Sometimes, incremental changes are ok. But when it comes to ovens and smart grids, both can benefit from innovative thinking that puts less emphasis on technology evolution and more emphasis on technology revolution.

Making Technology Work For Your Business
By Brian Moran, @brianmoran

To help entrepreneurs run simpler, more efficient businesses, SAP recently announced the formation of the SMB Solutions Group. Brian takes a moment to help us get to know Dean Mansfield, the head of the global division, and how SAP is deepening its commitment to small and midsize businesses.

Must-Have Content Marketing Tools
By Angela Hausman, @MarketingLetter

Help your business better acquire customers by creating and publishing a range of valuable, relevant content. Angela shares this infographic listing 25 outstanding content marketing tools and explains why you need all of these tools in your content strategy arsenal.

6 Perspectives On The Cloud
By SAP.info

The Economist Intelligence Unit releases its study on how cloud computing will impact the character of work and the environment in the future. Find out how cloud computing will cause everyone to rethink everything on every level and aspect of today’s businesses.

Easy Twitter Analytics For People Who Hate Analytics
By Jessica Mehring, @HorizonPeak

Tracking and interpreting Twitter analytics can be an intimidating task for anyone. Luckily, you don’t have to be an analytics junkie to get use out of your Twitter metrics. Jessica explains how you can get all the information you need to see how your Twitter account is performing — and get the scoop on how your industry influencers’ Twitter accounts are working, too.

Telcos: 3 Steps Into The Future
By Achim Hebestreit, @AHebestreit

Service providers are no longer in the driver’s seat of value creation and the way people consume telecommunications services has changed fundamentally. What are they going to do? Where are they headed? Who will be the first to succeed and outperform its fellow competitors? Check out the three trends that every telco cannot afford to ignore.

How To Create A Sales Funnel With Facebook Ads
By Brian Honigman, @BrianHonigman

Facebook is becoming an advertising powerhouse for businesses of all sizes, changing the focus on the social network from pages to running ads. How can Facebook help you drive awareness, increase app downloads, generate referral traffic, and build your e-mail list? Brian provides four of his best tips and tricks.

4 Ways A Winning Attitude Can Increase Workforce Productivity
By Meaghan Sullivan, @MeaghanSV

The best companies can be brought to their knees by negative leadership and poor morale among employees. So how do you motivate and inspire your team while significantly increasing productivity levels? Here are four ways you can achieve both.

Shaping The Future With Big Data: Are We Playing With Fire?
By Judith Magyar, @magyarj

Humans have always tried to model and shape the natural world and sometimes have lost control, leading to disasters and destruction. There are many lessons to be learned about messing with nature – the most important one is taking responsibility for the outcome. And that principle is especially true when it comes to using Big Data.

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