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Bored with team meetings, concalls, deadlines, appraisals and promotions, I left my lucrative job, as a software architect, to pursue my favorite passion ‘painting’ to reinvent myself as a human, a happy soul who always aims high paving a self laid path in the world of Spirituality thus aiming to build a better world. With an interest in writing and reading a lot, occasional story writing and poetry has become my second best hobby and never to forget my sweet tooth and awesome taste buds that always craves for FOOD made me invent few simple recipes! I see ART in everything and hence I love ART !!! Follow my ideas and latest updates and on my Profile !!!

I am a

Happy person / want to be Happy, Person who loves to co-create a Better World!, Writer / Artist / Movie professional, Spiritual Person / Meditator

Detailed Bio

I am simple , fun loving , positive human being

My Happiness

Any form of ART makes me extremely  happy

Talking to people and knowing them makes me happy

Sharing anything with people I know makes me happy

ACTIVITY in general makes me very HAPPY 🙂


My Service Activities

I am part of an NGO called Friends Association for a Change , Vishakapatnam. Lots of activities are a part of my contribution.

I love teaching social skills and grooming skills to students.

When it comes to my friends I stretch out in every possible way to help them be it moral or any other kind.

I am a very compassionate person and I always try to spread positive energy around me.

My Unique Skills

I am an abstract artist.

I write short stories and random liners and poems .

I am always knowledge thirsty person and this year I decided to learn a new language and Yohooooo ….now well versed in All South Indian languages and wish to learn more.

I read books a lot , be it be fiction or spiritual or thriller … any genre of book attracts me.

As someone said , ART is a medicine. To me ART is a form of meditation. I practice it to make myself bounded with positivity in life and spread the same across.

My Idea of Heaven

My idea of heaven is …

A place where people all smile no matter what is going inside them , a place where always an aura of optimism exists and always a ray of hope shines.

May I Help You!

As I now stay a little far away in a remote place , I can help any of the students with their academics online , or talk to someone who is in real need of moral help or help teams who are active in social activity in any manner.

My Great Idea

Understanding the basic point that THIS BODY IS NOT MINE and all will end when this body deteriorates is one thing I wish to inculcate in everyone’s mind. The thought of MY and MINE shall end and WE must be practised. I believe this attitude develops a brotherhood and many issues that exist due to EGO would slowly vanish.


My Future Plans

I have always been a seeker , I take life as it comes on that day. Unplanned journey is what excites me and it is how I am here today 🙂

I am here for

Connecting / getting back in touch with friends / colleagues / relatives, Serving the society / Make a difference / Develop my NGO, Sharing and discussing ideas that matter, Showcasing my work / talents, Mentoring / Sharing my knowledge / skills / experience / expertise, Learning new skills / talents / knowledge

Blood Group




I am a SAP Technical Consultant with 10years of IT industry experience.


I am a Computer Science Graduate



Music – Any genre n any language
Movies – Ardent fan of movies and there is no language or genre barrier
Books – I read books ! They are just books …. and all are my fav ones
Painting n drawing

Games / Sports

I love to watch cricket and basketball

Favorite Books

Many to pen 🙂

Favorite Quotes

Political Views

I go with the order of the day !

Religion / Religious views

There is one supreme power out in this cosmos which controls everything. Thats it !!!









Favorite Music

MUSIC itself is my favorite 🙂

Any genre attracts and feeds my soul 🙂

Favorite Movies

I like the process of film making. Usually donot restrict myself watching any movie but watch good ones

Favorite TV shows

Tv is my best friend …











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Swapna Peri

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