My Happy World


I have been working in many NGOs, Trusts and Spiritual Organizations.

I am a

Happy person / want to be Happy, Person who loves to co-create a Better World!, Philanthropist / Altruist / Social Worker, Spiritual Person / Meditator, Scientist / Researcher

My Happiness

To make others happy.

My Service Activities

I especially work on Rural Development Projects.

My Unique Skills

Unconditional Love to all even to those who feel happy to harm me.

My Idea of Heaven

Where anyone can spend life with full of happiness.

May I Help You!

I wish to share spiritual knowledge related topics, Yoga  and rural service works.

My Great Idea

Making a New Bharat…

My Future Plans

Making India again The world Leader Bharat..

I am here for

Serving the society / Make a difference / Develop my NGO

Grateful for

I am grateful for everything…



I have worked in various projects of national and international level organizational like Art of Living Foundation, Patanjali, ISKON,etc






Sumanta Swain

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