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Professionally I am a Business Analyst with an MNC. Founder and owner at ‘Nadarbahma – in search of celestial music’. Song writing, singing and my passion for music has inspired me to team up with some good music directors and make original songs and compositions.
Academically I have done EPGCFM from IIM Kozhikode and MBA in Finance. Follow my ideas and writings on my iDiya profile!

I am a

Happy person / want to be Happy, Person who loves to co-create a Better World!, Writer / Artist / Movie professional, Spiritual Person / Meditator

Detailed Bio

I have a never say die attitude. Life along with its challenges makes you a better version of yourself is what I believe.

I am a spiritual person and spiritual journey towards enlightenment fascinates me.


My Happiness

My happiness comes from small things in life which make life beautiful, like flowers, rain, dewdrops, art, beautiful people and from people who have and know their purpose in life.

My Unique Skills

‘Ma Saraswati’ has blessed me and made me capable of writing in English and Marathi, and I can make songs in Hindi, English, Marathi.


My Idea of Heaven

I am mesmerized with the idea of heaven. Though it is true that heaven and hell are all to be experienced in this life, I still would like to understand the truth  through spirituality.

Music is one of the means, to attain spiritual growth and I wish to grow my understanding towards these aspect through the qualities which have been bestowed upon me.

May I Help You!

I would like to make great music, using the science of spirituality. Our ancestors were aware about music and its connect with God, hope to attain that some day, for the greater good of the society.


I am here for

Sharing and discussing ideas that matter, Mentoring / Sharing my knowledge / skills / experience / expertise, Learning new skills / talents / knowledge

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Business Analyst in Finance.


Studied from IIM-Kozhikode, Renuka has completed EPGCFM (one year) from IIMK and two years full time MBA (Mumbai University) in Finance.







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Renuka Gangan

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