What will you do if you were prime minister of India?

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What will you do if you were prime minister of India? People suggesting the best ideas will be invited to elaborate their ideas into full-fledged articles to be published on iDiya.net homepage!

iDiya.net will submit the best and deserving articles to the present prime minister of India Narendra Modi Ji.

You can also upvote / comment and discuss on other people’s answers.


If I become the Prime Minister of my country , initially I would request all my fellow country people to understand and follow the fundamental duties that the constitution gave very responsibly.

As education and health are the primary concerns in the society , The next important task is I would reach out to all educated and learned people of the country other than authorities to check out the surrounding primary schools  both aided and unaided by government , record the grievances and share a report directly to me as social media is most prevalent now. In the same way , would check the progress and statuses of primary health care centres .

Every problem has a root cause a,d finding the root cause is difficult for many foreseen and unforeseen reasons , but its not impossible and progress will be made definitely when the race is slow and steady.


If I become Prime Minister of India, I would do the following:

  • Women Empowerment 
    We have been hearing from the ages, Women Reservation Bill which is not cleared by both houses of Central Government. I would take initiative and get consensus from all parties and pass the bill immediately and implement.
  • Justice on Fast-track
    I would give top priority for the reforms in Indian justice framework and see that legal cases are solved in quicker manner.

If i was the prime minister….

  1.   I would abolish the caste system.. it is definitely a taking our country backwards. At the time when it was introduced yes agreed things were quite different the socio-economic level of the deprived class nedded that. Buy now things have changed, if at all that needs to be continued why not for all castes , not all are wealthy enough to provide quality education to their children.
  2. Women security and safety is the primary and utmost responsibility of any sensible nation. If we do not have the guts to protect our own sisters and mothers then how do we expect to call ourselves human being.
  3. Make defence training mandatory for all the youth so that they start respecting their country and understand that its easy to shout slogans against your own nation buy its take a lot of courage and dedication to protect the pride of your nation.

If I were the Prime Minister of India, I would do exactly what the current PM is trying to do. Only I would do it fearlessly, without bothering about the reaction of the power hungry and the erstwhile power centers. The top three aspects I would concentrate upon are as below:

1. Implementation of a Digitized setup that would help simplify, widen and deepen the taxation system; this would help reduce the tax rates and hence the burden on tax payers; it would also, in parallel, increase tax revenue and bring in the money needed for development

2. Strengthening of ties with various nearly developed nations and work towards joint investment in the areas of industry and defence

3. Empower the judiciary, military, paramilitary and police forces in the right way and implement strict measures through centralized monitoring and NATGRID towards safety and sovereignty


If I become the Prime Minister, I have few points to be addressed…
1. 10% of our population are paying taxes and the rest are enjoying. All income holders should be brought under taxation and the tax evaders should be punished very strictly by attaching their entire properties to the govt.
2. Proper constructive changes should be implemented in the fields of health and education.. CSR should be mandatory in the private sectors of health and education… All private schools shall be required to enroll children from weaker sections and disadvantaged communities in their incoming class to the extent of 25% of their enrolment, by simple random selection. No seats in this quota can be left vacant. These children will be treated on par with all the other children in the school and subsidized by the State at the rate of average per learner costs in the government schools (unless the per learner costs in the private school are lower)”.
3.Central water board should be formed and even 1cusec of water is to be utilised only after getting proper permission from that board even for agriculture or for drinking. No disputes between the states should be encouraged to meet the political ends.
4. Uniform electricity policy should be there.
5.A genius sector should be formed with other than politicians from all walks of life and their advices should be considered before implementing any policy.
6.Threatening from Pakistan should be controlled by taking stern serious action .
7) Corruption in India is alarming which should be given top priority. As is the king so are the people, likewise, As are the leaders so are the others. So political corruption is the big decease India is facing more than aids and cancer. Unless otherwise serious concern is given in this aspect we will be nowhere in future.


f I become the PM, my first project would be Confining Reservation’s to Very limited areas and Remove all the Reservations in Education field where it is all about Merit. This is being a worst scenario in India where a guy with border marks is ruling in all the sectors and Guy who is securing the best mark is still looking for opportunities or migrating to other alternate sources. When System is Lead by Inefficient people,How could we expect a Developing Nation to become a Developed Nation.


If I become the PM, my first mission would be to eradicate corruption.

The second task would be to reform the way courts work. ‘Tarikh pe Tarikh’ still exists in India. And justice delayed is justice denied. The people of India would want all the pending cases to be settled at the earliest. And this could be achieved by reforming the way courts administer.

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