My Happy World


Learner & Lover. Of words, music and thought provoking experiences.

I am a

Person who loves to co-create a Better World!, CEO / Director / Business Leader / Entrepreneur / CXO, Writer / Artist / Movie professional

My Happiness

Making a positive impact on other’s lives, Words, Music, Aloneness, Silence and People.

My Service Activities

Helping others make better education decisions both as a service and a business.

My Unique Skills

I am not unique.

I am a learner who wishes well for all and tries to do my bit by sharing my knowledge/experience with others.

My Idea of Heaven

Self-contentment: no matter the circumstances and choices ahead of you.

May I Help You!

Help you make better higher education decisions and be a motivator to help you achieve your life goals!

My Great Idea

Create a community of learners who would share their knowledge, experience for others to make better decisions in their education, career and thereby lead a better life.

My Future Plans

To always stay current.

I am here for

Connecting / getting back in touch with friends / colleagues / relatives, Serving the society / Make a difference / Develop my NGO, Sharing and discussing ideas that matter, Showcasing my work / talents, Developing my business, Mentoring / Sharing my knowledge / skills / experience / expertise, Learning new skills / talents / knowledge


Work, Founder.



Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai
Class of 2003 · B.Engg IT · Perundurai


University of South Wales
M.Res · Computer Networking/IT · Project Managment · Strategy · Treforest



Bristol, United Kingdom




United Kingdom

Relationship Status



Nithya Prabu

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