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  • Years come and go,

    age adds up digits,

    organs depreciate,

    skin folds into wrinkles.

    A question we ask in the end:

    Was life worth it?


    And that’s the only question that matters.

    The ha […]


    A child in me died
    when I was cursed
    for being born

    A child in me died
    when they throw dirt
    for being a black

    A child in me died
    when they bullied me
    for being ugly

    A child in me […]

  • The government’s grant for police modernisation must be followed by steps to grant the force autonomy from political masters.

    In a refreshingly progressive move, the Government of India (GoI) has approved a R […]

  • శరత్ కాలపు చంద్రున్ని తనివి తీరగా చూడనైనా లేదు

    నేనున్నా అంటూ వచ్చేసావా ప్రియ హేమంతమా?

    ముసిగా నవ్వేస్తూ కసిగా నన్నుచలితో కొరికేస్తావే ?

    భయపెడుతూ నా వెన్ను ఒణికిస్తావే?



    పెదవి పగిలి నెత […]

  • నువ్వు

    నీ చుట్టూనే తిరగుతున్న ఒక వృత్తానివి

    మౌన మునిలా కాసేపు – పైకి ముసుగేసుకుని మరి కాసేపు

    ఒంటరిలో సమూహాపు –  సమూహంలో ఒంటరితనపు సంవేదన నువ్వు

    ఏదో ఛేదిస్తూ సర్వం సాధిస్తున్నా […]

  • వెనకబాటు లేని జాతే అడిగా
    తిరుగుబాటు లేని రాజ్యం అడిగా
    రక్తం చిందని లోకం అడిగా
    బాధే తెలియని బ్రతుకులు అడిగా
    కపటం లేని మనుషులని అడిగా
    ముసుగే వేయని మనసులని అడిగా

    శత్రువు లేని సమాజం అడిగా
    కు […]

  • Sarita Lakshmi wrote a new post, Celestial pearl, on the site StoryHut 4 weeks ago

    నక్షత్రములతో నృత్యించి చంద్రికను ముద్దాడి,

    నేలకి దిగి వచ్చిన ఓ నింగి ముత్యమా..

    నీ విలువ తెలియని అల్పుల చేబడి,

    నశించి కృశించితివేల ప్రియ మిత్రమా??


    మహోన్నతమైన నీశ్రమ ఫలితం, […]

  • Freedom from feelings galore and beyond all earthy shackles,
    From all fetters of attachment and constantly weakening manacles..
    Away from constricting expectations of promises half broken…
    Ahead of every self […]

  • Book Title: We are imperfectly perfect
    Author: Nikita Gupta
    Format:  Kindle
    Number of pages : 296
    Publisher:  Notion Press
    Publishing Date:   29th May 2017
    Printed Price: INR  99
    A […]

  • Continued from Maya Chapter 3 at, where, after reaching the strange spot, as per the mysterious note, shared by the mysteriously disappearing gentleman, Adi gets stuck in […]

  • Lavanya Nukavarapu wrote a new post, THE SWING, on the site StoryHut 2 months ago

    THE SWING (Beware of a squeaking sound tonight)

    The swing swung on its own without a breeze and without no one to swing it.

    The wife watched from the balcony, the swing swinging and […]


    Book Title: When love happens
    Author:  Manish Kumar
    Format:  Paper Back
    Total Number of Pages: 152
    Publisher:  Srishti Publishers & Distributors
    Publishing Date:  6th  Nov 2017
    Printed Price: INR  […]

  • Dear Woman,

    Let me tell you some truths about marriage today!

    These will surely break your heart but you got to know them. I understand you entered into a beautiful relation called marriage with so many h […]

  • When a close friend lost her virginity to her long time boyfriend, I felt she lost her mental peace along with it. It became intolerable. She became incredibly insecure about their relationship, was worried about […]

  • Book Title: The Last Chai
    Author: Varun T
    Format: Kindle
    Number of pages : 250
    Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
    Publishing Date:   2017
    Printed Price: INR 99 […]

  • Book Title: Psycon
    Author: Varun T
    Format: Kindle
    Number of pages : 238
    Publisher: Notion Press
    Publishing Date:   24th May 2017
    Printed Price: INR 49
    ASIN: B072HJ4H4G

    Book Title:
    The title of the […]

  • Continued from Maya Chapter 2, at , where, Adi lands up at the spot marked ‘Man Eating Tiger Sanctuary’, as indicated in the mysterious note passed on to her, and a str […]

  • Swapna Peri wrote a new post, Tiny Tales #2, on the site StoryHut 2 months, 1 week ago

    He gazed into her eyes.
    She looked back at him.
    Their eyes talked to each other .

    She shyed away. He smiled at her. Then he touched her cheeks and she blushed. He kissed on the rosy cheeks, she buried herself […]

  • Book Title: For the rest of my life
    Author: Surakshit Markanti
    Format: Kindle
    Total Number of Pages: 48
    Publisher: CODEX
    Publishing Date: 2nd  November 2017
    Printed Price: INR 4 […]